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What’s your favourite memory/story since starting at Lynx Recruitment?


My favourite memory since starting at Lynx Recruitment was watching Maddie cooking pasta in a kettle. 


What sparked you to get into this role? 


I have been close to the Lynx business since it started and I always wanted to represent the brand one day. 


What do you enjoy most about working at Lynx Recruitment? 


The best thing about Lynx is definitely the culture. We have a work hard/play hard culture and an awesome team.


What's your favourite hobby?


My favourite hobby is making the most of everything this amazing country has to offer.


What's an interesting fact about you? 


I sold Prince William a pair of trainers while he was studying at St Andrew’s University in Scotland

Roles recruited for:

Project Engineers

Excavator Operator 

Traffic Controllers

Civil Labourers

Civil Site Managers

Civil Project Managers

Civil Administrators

A portrait photo of a recruitment consultant Kevin Leadingham in black and white
"Put me on a great job site with a great team. 10/10."
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