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New Zealand HSEQ & Payroll Role Manager

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Meet Dale

I have been in the recruitment industry for 12 years, finally ending up within Health & Safety for the last five. I love the consistent energy of the industry, and how much we get to help clients and employees in a triangular arrangement. Also, it’s pretty cool being able to point out major projects around the country that you know were built by your team!


Personally, I love any opportunity to be having fun with friends and family, be that by cooking a big meal for everyone to eat, ending up on the dance floor or visiting anywhere that will provide me sunshine and warmth.


What sparked you to get into this role? 

Having grown into a Health & Safety Manager for the last five years at my previous company I thought it was time to take my experience, skills and knowledge and test them in the real world!


What do you enjoy most about working at Lynx Recruitment

A positive, high-performing culture and plenty of laughs.

What's your favourite hobby? 

Beach + a book + a beer.


What's an interesting fact about you?

I own three goats, Belle, Bess and Bort.

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